Are your employees Intelligent and smart but not able to provide you 100% of their abilities and skills?
If you think you are among those corporate who are willing to shed out resources to curb the negative work atmosphere, then you are at the right Place. We, at EAPWellbeing Solutions are embarking on a journey to resolve the many issues happening on the work-front in the corporate culture…
We will manage all your operational HR Functions, leaving you time to manage your business.
The human resource virtual assistance (HRVA) services are aimed towards start-up companies and established SME businesses with little or no HR support. We are flexible and virtual; we can assist clients for outsourced & cost effective solution to all their operational human resource needs…
WEVERIFY provides quality tailormade pre-employment background screening and verification of your employees.

We can package a solution tailored to your company’s needs from the following services, designing a program to improve your hiring process and results. This will help mitigate the risk of operational losses which can occur due to bad hiring…

Jobswala is a Hindi language word which means job provider

We at provides the perfect platform for all Job seekers to seize the best job opportunity suiting their backgrounds by screening them with the tones of available Job opportunities within our clients…
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UB Staffing- Your one spot destination for all HR Solutions.

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Energize and steer human potential towards self-fulfillment.
We are here with the responsibility to develop leadership across society.
We have chosen the way of entertaining, informative, soul inspiring approach to self-development thought motivation.
Our goal is to fulfill the needs of the corporate & help making positive change possible in their human capital
• Self Awareness
• Inspiration
• Client Service

UB staffing is available to assist its client’s in their operational, manpower recruitment, financial, outsourcing, consultation and project management needs. Sustained corporate leadership, managerial competency development personal effectiveness and career preparation programs at many engineering & management Institutes. Train the trainer faculty development programs at institutes.

UB Staffing synthesizes the spiritual with the practical for inner and outer growth.
UB Staffing training blends all dimensions of life and learning physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.
UB Staffing is your partner in your success, progress and evolution.

UB Staffing. | Staffing Solutions which offers end-to-end staffing solutions. We aim to offer complete staffing solutions to our clients. HR outsourcing is a relatively new concept and is fast catching up in the market. It’s an ideal business model, which will allow the top management to concentrate on their core functions by handing over HR functions to professionals like us.

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