EAPWellbeing Solutions is a nationwide provider of Organisational Assistance Services. Each of our customised, high quality services can be provided on a stand-alone basis, or under one comprehensive umbrella. These services include Employee Assistance Programs, Student Assistance Programs, Wellness & Wellbeing, Work/Life Programs, Organisational Development Services & Professional Development Training.

We belief that each human being has the capacity to effect positive change, and that, in doing so, improves life not just for the one, but for many. Sometimes that potential is only realized with the assistance of others. It is based on this belief that we at EAPWellbeing Solutions are committed to being involved in the community on both a local and international level in order to support our belief that we can make a difference for the individual and the many.

We look forward to the opportunity to bring our team of highly trained professionals to work with you in the development, and implementation of creative programs that enhance individual well-being and support the attainment of your organizational or institutional goals.