What Exactly Is This Big Word – Employee Assistance Program?

A Combination of a strategically intervened approach, to reap in benefits from work place management to Man power management can be defined as an Employee Assistance Program.

Employee Assistance Programs are a way-out to create and nurture the working atmosphere of the work-place: no matter how small the company is or how big the corporate is.

All Corporate Big-wigs and also Organisations who are heading to be one of the Corporate Big-wigs are now taking up a way of investing into their employees to provide a better atmosphere and an efficient work-force.

The Competition is on an all-time high and if you have a talented employee who can make out wonders – you would want to retain him at all costs. Employee Assistance Programs are a foot hold for employees in your organizations and can be a tempting attraction if taken and followed in the correct manner.

Where did Employee Assistance Program actually start?

There have been multiple surveys going on around the globe featuring out how employees are affected by their personal or professional problems and can lose their ability to work with 100% efficiency.

Corporate’s all over the globe have studied and analyzed that personal problems are in fact the normal root cause of inefficiency in the workplace. Gone are the days when the management only cared about the work and the results and the profits. The time has come when office is your second home and soon might replace your first home.

With this era and the competition increasing the stress in humans, the need came up to generate a program called Employee Assistance Program.

The Management has gone through the implications of a stressed employee and is now taking up steps to evolve better techniques for curbing stress.

Highly developed Interpersonal relationships and interactions , boosted Job efficiency, Increased levels of concentration, Driving safely to the work place and clients, Regularity and punctuality and an decreased level of medical bill reimbursement are just some of the benefits visualized by the top management . Instead of accepting the negative atmosphere and the disturbed employees, steps are now being taken to weigh in professional help from people and curb out the monster of inefficiency and bad performance.